what themes are present?

After I watch “In Time” films, the movie was shows how the protagoinst- William to change his life and growth up. As we know, the movie to show us how the time to be money transfer in people life. everyone was hard work to get time keep their lives. however, rich people doesn’t needs to worked. it is unfair, poor people needs to pay many times to work and get few time to lives, but rich people take out poor people’s times.

The most interesting plot in films was a rich people lose his target in life. so he decided to sucide and give william the time. but no one believe William can get that much time. Also, when William to get time, he wants to give time to his mother.But he was late to transfer time to his mother, then his mother died. In ending of movie, when time equal to wealth, people will get many power. At same time, people will lose something either. like a rich guy or William. So, we need to cherish the ones around us.


Read “America Remains the World’s Beacon of Success”

The article shows how America affects world. As same time, other countries tries to copy the successful to pull up America. Even, America still advanced country, but China , Indian and other coutires are imporved them science and technology. As we know, Ameirca has most technologically poweful economy in world. it is a advantage of America. So, Ameican should keep this advantage in economic.

choose a “meaningful quote” – write a one paragraph​ response using PIE form.

According to the article ” culture and intercultural communication” shows  how the different culture to effect society and policy. As this article, the quote shows”cultures attempt to adjust to their unique configuration of forces by altering the shared and often unquestioned cultural assumptions that guide their thoughts and actions. Thus, changes in a culture’s institutions or traditions cause its members to alter their behaviors in some important ways。” based on this information, we know the culture follow the society change, when tradition change then the culture will change. because of some tradition was unfair in the law. For example:  In 1980s, China has a policy about the one-child policy, so many families hope they can have a boy, because of they think about boys are inherit. so when those families know they have a girl, they will do abortion in hospital. As the result, China government to asked hospital cancel the b-scan to check the child’s gender. before the child born, nobody can check the gender, it is illegal of China. In other words, the example to show how tradition to change the law.

How does culture influence her upbringing?

According to the article“How to Tame a Wild Tongue”. The author has 4 difference parts time to show how language to effect her upbringing. At first, the author to be very confuse about which language her used in lives. Second, she wants to find out which typer of pronounce she can use between family and school. Third. after she learned the language is a part of her culture, she think about how she can use language in school, also it is very big problem. because of most of classmate in school still laugh her pronounce. they told her about here is American, so you need to use English. In end of story, she knew she can’t stop other people’s thought, but she can control her idea. it is make her growth up, because her language is good, she don’t need to felt shame.

How has her culture affected her language?

The author’s grandparents was come from Japan. So, when author met a person called “bobby” who are American, the violence between them. she afraid to revolt him. Because of history of Japan, the quote shows” I learned there were 365 days in a year, that in 1942 America and Japan were at war, that 120,000 Japanese Americans were put into concentration camps, and Bobby’s dad really killed people like me.” It is a part of culture. After author learned this history, the author to scare about racial discrimination. based on this reason, she worry about her lives. At same time, her mother teacher a word ” ignorant” to her. This word to helps author get more courage to protect her. The war to make her fear, but it still a part of culture in Japan. As we know, history never change. Even, the war was passed to long time. but author still needs to more courage to face future.